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The Government recently ran a public consultation on Part L & F of the Building Regulations. The consultation closed on 7th February. 

Thank you for your support in responding to the proposals that will form part of the 'Future Homes Standard', to be phased in by 2025. We managed to generate a huge number of responses to the consultation, and have gathered 770 signatures to our letter to Robert Jenrick, spelling out the problems with the proposals. Your contribution was incredibly important, given the IPCC’s recommendations that global emissions need to be halved by 2030, while the UK is expected to miss its 2025 and 2030 decarbonising targets. With 150,000 houses built every year, the impact of this legislation will be huge.

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We have written to Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government to voice our concerns.

As the minister responsible for administering the Building Regulations, it's really important that we hold him to account over any changes that are proposed or enacted. The Building Regulations are one of the key legislative drivers for change in the industry, and if we are to respond adequately to the climate and ecological emergency then changes to the Building Regulations are of paramount importance. Reviews of the regulations do not come around frequently, so its crucial that this is done in a way that will enable us to meet our climate commitments.

We urge you to sign our open letter below. 

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The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick, MP

Secretary of State for Housing, 

Communities & Local Government


2 Marsham Street,

London, SW1P 4DF


Dear Secretary of State,


We are writing to you regarding the current Government consultation on changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations to be included in the proposed Future Homes Standard.


As a group of professionals working in the construction industry we are extremely concerned about the proposals. We feel that they are completely inadequate in the context of the climate and ecological emergency as declared by this government, and will act as a barrier to the UK meeting its carbon emissions targets.


The environmental impact of construction and the built environment is extensive; accounting for around 40% of the UK's carbon emissions. In light of the IPCC's recommendation that global emissions need to be halved by 2030, it is vital that industry regulation is commensurate with the significant share of emissions that the sector is responsible for. 


Our four main areas of concern with the proposed Standard are as follows. 


1) The Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard (FEES) should not be scrapped. It should be kept and upgraded with greatly improved fabric performance targets that go much further, reducing the energy use of all new homes designed in 2025 to net zero.


2) Energy consumption reporting should be easily understandable.The use of carbon factors as proposed in this consultation is a step backwards and will disguise poor fabric efficiency through over-reliance on a decarbonised grid. Under the proposed regulations, new homes may end up using more energy than those built to 2013 regulations.


3) Ambitious Local Authorities should not be stripped of their powers to set higher energy efficiency standards. Leaders in climate innovation should be supported at this time of greatest need, and the 65% of local authorities that declared climate emergency in 2019 will be unnecessarily held back by this change. The UK will miss legal climate targets without this urgent action.


4) The Future Homes Standard needs to consider the Embodied Carbon of buildings. The carbon emissions associated with a building’s use only make up a percentage of its total carbon footprint, with embodied carbon (the emissions associated with materials, construction and refurbishments) making up an ever greater share. Embodied Carbon needs to be measured and declared as well. This is known as a ‘Whole Life Carbon’ approach to construction and should be applied to all construction projects to represent their true carbon cost.


Whilst we welcome the consultation, the scale of destruction wrought globally by the climate crisis is shocking in its speed and severity, and our response must be proportionate. We urgently require far reaching changes to the regulatory landscape, but we urge you to reconsider the current proposals laid out for the Future Homes Standard. With 150,000 houses built every year, it is imperative that Government policy reflects what the UK needs now and in the future to reach our carbon emissions targets.


Yours Sincerely,

Architects Climate Action Network

(Our full response to the consulation will be attached)

721 signatures!

Sebastian Laan Lomas, ACAN
Joe Giddings, ACAN, Rock Townsend
Kat Scott, ACAN, dRMM

Kerry Watton, Niall McLaughlin Architects
David Morris, Design Exchange
Alex Johnstone, Haworth Tompkins
Joel Cady, Niall McLaughlin Architects
Louisa Bowles, Hawkins\Brown
Angus Goodwin    
Tiziana Di Ronco    
Tracey Hart,
2030 architects ltd.
Geethica Gunarajah, IF_DO
Mark Martines, Architype
Daniel Hayes    
Mariza Daouti,
Zoe Watson    
Wyn Gilley,
Sam Turner, Webb Yates
Anthony Andrews, BFF
Ben Pollock    
Mario Vieira,
Scott Brownrigg
Thomas Wildbore, Jestico + Whiles
Matt Rosier, Chomko & Rosier
Joanna Latham, Fourpoint Architects
Jake Attwood-Harris, Hawkins\Brown Architects
Janna Laan Lomas, Grain Architecture
Felicia Bjersing    
Bobby Jewell
William Young,
Rob Dutton    
Jasper Rumbelow,
Charlotte Chambers, Waugh Thistleton
Alasdair Dixon, Collective Works & ACAN
Tom Cheek, Lee Evans Partnership
Tom Westwood, Waugh Thistleton
Christopher Kennedy, Kennedy Woods
Steve Holtz, Freebridge Community Housing
Thomas Bennett, Studio Bark
Raheela Khan-Fitzgerald, Hawkins\Brown
Alicia Montero    
Negar Taatizadeh,
The Bartlett
Gema Florido, Greig & Stephenson
Stephen Millard

Claire Jamieson, Phi Architecture
Rob Wheaton, Stride Treglown Ltd
Mara Kanthak    
Sofie Pelsmakers,
Christopher Pittway, FCBStudios
Elin Keyser, University of Sheffield
Bill Kelso    
Mallika Bhattacharya,
AAB architects
Helen Hough, Bryden Wood
Alex de Rijke, dRMM Architects
Benedetta Montaguti, dRMM
Aelene Thorne, Perpendicular
Sam Carew, Mark Waghorn Design
Rachel Crozier, Waugh Thistleton Architects
Nicole Repper, Charlton Brown Architects
Jordi Jimenez Rosell, FPA
Massimo Conca, Greenway Architects
Amarinda Bazeley    
Jo Elnaugh    
Andrea Carbogno,
Carbogno Ceneda Architects Ltd
Laura Batty    
Beth Day,
Common Ground Architecture
Jack Taylor, ACME
Tom Harden, ArkleBoyce
Phil Simpson, People + Place Architects
Matias Siciliano, Yoti
Amanda Callaghan, ACME

Alice Hamlin, Mole Architects
Craig Robertson    
James Harrington,
Studio Polpo
Colin Anderson, G.D. Lodge Architects LLP
Clare Whitney, Clayworks
Nina Ismar, John Pawson Ltd.
Helen Axworthy, R H Partnership Architects
Andrew Barrington, Hawkins Brown
Sarah Broadstock, Studio Bark
Chris Dent, CDA
Margaret Reynolds, M Reynolds RIBA
Barbara McFarlane, The McFarlane Partnership
Brian Murphy, National Green Specification
Jason Palmer, Mr
Guy Smith, Every Property Certificate Ltd
Edda Halldorsdottir, Embla Architecture
Aaron McClean, SDS Energy  Ltd
Chris Gregory, TEC Architecture Ltd
Sara Edmonds, Studio seARCH
James Powell, ACAN, Gort Scott
Ellie Pile, New London Architecture
Dewi Jones, Fletcher Priest Architects
Ben Hopkins, Bennetts Associates
Alan Outten    
Jenny Rawlings    
Chris Hopkinson, 
Joe Penn,
Rock Townsend
Ania Popielarska, Rock Townsend
Daniel Bangs, Rock Townsend
Robert Hebblethwaite, CZWG Architects
Asha Pandit, 59 Productions
Sam Clayton, 5th studio
Sam Oxley, Art In Public
Sebastien Pollet, BDP
Anthony Hudson, hudson architects
Nils White, Nils White Conservation
David Berridge, Macdonald + Berridge Architects
SImon Critchley, SimpsonHaugh
Giulia Simone, Rock Townsend
Richard Watson, Rock Townsend 
Sarah Keetch, Rock Townsend
James Lowe, Studio Octopi
Clive Teague, Rushmoor Engineering
John Thompson, W Griffiths
James Maclean, Maclean Architecture
Tamara Kahn, Marcus Beale Architects
Jamie Wilson, CZWG Architects
James Williamson, Lees Munday
Alison Swarbrick, Architecture Studio 5 Ltd
Clare  Nash, Clare Nash Architecture Ltd
Charlotte Crossman, The Regeneration Practice
Kate White, q2 Architects
Svetlana Pinaitiene, SEP Design
Anoovab Deka, Fletcher Priest Architects
Tristan Taylor, Fletcher Priest Architects
Frankie Murphy, Ferguson Mann Architects
Anne Schroeder, Fletcher Priest Architects
Catherine Macdonald, Macdonald and Berridge
Ben Simpson, Fletcher Priest Architects
Matthew Smith    
Mervyn Tasker,
Fletcher Priest Architects
Adrian Morrow, Adrian Morrow Architects Ltd
Sophie Ward, UWE
Lewis Hobbs, UWE
Emily Dance, Student
Phillippa Budd    
Iulia Fratila,
Fletcher Priest Architects
Paul Harvey, The Cave Cooperative Ltd
Jonathan Gomes    
Gabrielle Khan,
George Papachristou, BDP
Matthew Barnett Howland, CSK Architects
Niamh O'Reilly, 7N Architects
Koen Rutten

Simon Crockford, Hammond Architectural Ltd
Iva Stanisheva, Arney Fender Katsalidis
Arthur Gelling, Chartered Landscape Architect
Jonathan Kendall, Fletcher Priest Architects
Gail Waldman
Alexandra Antonescu,
Fletcher Priest Architects
Kieran Walker, Waugh Thistleton Architects
Chris Mason, Nicholas Hare Architects
Raluca Cirstoc, 5th Studio
Rob Pocock, Tangent Architects Ltd
Matteo Sarno, 5th studio
Peter Denney, PD Architecture
Tom Brownill, 5th Studio
Laura Berge, Allies and Morrison
Anna Webster, Webb Yates Engineer
Hannah Etheridge, Laser Surveys Ltd
Benjamin Allnatt, Niall McLaughlin Architects
Charlotte Knight, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Stefano Longhi, Bennetts Associates
Andrei Szepocher, The Regeneration Practice
Jose Gonzalez Menendez, Fletcher Priest Architects
Leigh Tugwood, A+Studio
Susie Newman, Mole Architects Ltd
Keith Boxer
Patrick Walls,
SOUP Architects
Sophia Ceneda, Carbogno Ceneda Architects
Russel Hayden, Hesketh Hayden
Colin Shearn, Axite Ltd
Michael Kennedy, LB Enfield
Conor Morris, Jacobs
Amy O'Shaughnessy    
Ioana Man,
Unscene Architecture
Billy Adams, 1:1 Studio
David Cumming, CSA Design Studio
Sarah Dias, Leftfield Studio
Sam Craig, FPA
Matthew Bryant
Dan Green,
Nele Christiansen    
Peter Davis,
Fernando Rubio,
Urban Jan
Rachel Hayes, Architype
Matt Hayes, Arbor Architects
Laura-Anne Anderson, KSR Architects
Michael Mueller, Alison Brooks Architects
Jack Egan
Brian Ford,
Natural Cooling Ltd
Alex Otiv, Aarons Otiv
Matthew Short,   Chippenham Neighbourhood Plan
Isabel Hankart, Atelierhabitat
Sam Brown, MAP Architecture
Sarah Helps, NHS
Richard Moulton    
Dorothy Robertson    
Alexander Barretta,
Common Ground Architecture
Tom Sweet, Eric Parry Architects
Nadejda Tabakova, Welsh School of Architecture
David Minns, Prime Meridian
Anna Lisa McSweeney, dRMM
Lee Boehm    
Amanda Smith-Corston
Susie Laan
Bert Laan, Olpass
Marianne Heaslip,
Janet Vutcheva, Marcus Beale Architects
Liz Batten
Tom Cunningham,
Jenard Dyer
Kevin Kim Larson
Hannah Vowles,
Birmingham City University
Jack Moreton, LTS Architects
Peter Sharp    
John Johnson 
Mairi Morse,
CSK Architects
Luca Arnaud, LAA
Christian Nakarado, Birmingham City University
Matthew Jones, Coombs Jones
Elizabeth Holroyd
Bradley Perks,
Andrew Saunders
Matthew Atkinson,
Ana Leon
James Kilkenny,
James Kilkenny Architecture
Colin Rose, Reed Watts
Franco Piva, Ergodomus Timber Engineering
Lauren Shevills, ACAN / Mae
Stephen Pill
Sarah Morrison,
Blanche Cameron, The Bartlett, UCL
Ruben Andre Da Silva Santos, Feilden and Mawson
Jacob Barker-Frost, University of Nottingham
Mina Gospavic, Coffey Architects
Rory Hillman, Derby City Council
Caroline Leadon, Feilden and Mawson
Kirsty Logan, Feilden and Mawson
Evgenia Vlachaki, 5th Studio
Stephanie Lewis, Oxford Brookes University
Elaine Stevenson, Atkins
Richard Taylor, Curl la Tourelle Head Architecture
Hazel Mason
Greg Mathers,
Ciarcelluti Mathers Architecture
Rob McGinnes, Hive Architects
Charlie Baker, Red Co-operative Ltd
Ross Elliott, Re:structure Building Consultancy
Christopher Carthy    
Lyn Brayshaw    
Lauren Mackenzie    
Sam Mackenzie    
Andy Mackenzie    
Suzanne Dennis    
Caroline Lewis    
Josh McAfee
George Brazier    
Javier Cardos    
Milo Maguire    
Dido Milne,
CSK Architects
Lou Elena Bouey, 5th Studio
Alex Reeves, 7N Architects
Jo Macey
Nick Scannell,
Belsize Architects
Louise Goodison, Cazenove Architects
Abdulbari Kutbi, AHMM Architects
Lauren Deane Hunter
Alisa Silanteva,
ATRIUM architecture
Summer Islam, Material Cultures
Drew Hopper, Karakusevic Carson Architects
Lydia Marsden, C40 Cities
Ben Spry, ACAN, Karakusevic Carson Architects
Tom McGlynn, Niall McLaughlin Architects
James Foskett, Niall McLaughlin Architects
Alice Brown, AAB architetcts
Emma Perkin, Emil Eve Architects
Ioana Vierita, Niall McLaughlin Architects
Richard Horner
Jamie Whelan,
Coffey Architects
Caoilinn McConville, Niall McLaughlin Architects
Ruth Lang, UAL
Antoinette Oni, ATTO
Una d'Aragona
Fionn Stevenson,
University of Sheffield
Janette Ward
Lucy Dove
Llewellyn Baker    
Jeremy Milln,
Green Party
Mark Hyland
Michelle Barlow
Angela Marquito,
Herta Gatter, BDP
Hannah Towler, Studio Bark
Azaz Chowdhury    
Nick Bowen,
Conor Moses, 5th Studio
Brian Hogan
John Cummings    
Tom Jelley,
Bryden Wood
Nichola Geeson
Michael Clarke,
Lyndon Goode Architects
Isabelle Gough,  DGA Life
Mark Webb
Dan Farmer,
James Goldsby, Fletcher Priest Architects
Robert Palgrave, Pomona Solar
Derek Manning    
Sally Williams
Patricia MacCurrach    
Daverick Leggett    
Simon Creaney    
Monika Bilska,
Bilska de Beaupuy
Alex Mingozzi    
Piotr Kruk,
5th Studio
Ben Paul, Neu
Michael Tite, Bartlett School of Architecture
Sean Clifton, Jestico + Whiles
Thomas Atkinson, Lewisham Council
Rebecca Miller, Karakusevic Carson Architects
Stuart Daniel    
Cllr John Dennis,
J D Services Ltd
Helen Moore    
Clara Bagenal George,
Eduarda Vieira, Hawkins\Brown Architects
Susie Diamond, Inkling
Edward Murphy, Ollio Consultancy
Stephen Parnell,
Newcastle University
Ian Garraway, Ian Garraway Architecture
Emma Curtin, Liverpool University
Jacob Neville    
Charles Proctor,
David Chipperfield
Ian Greenwood, Greenwood Structures
Steven Rankin, Architype
Esther Bou Monterde, Stiff and Trevillion

Bryn Hallett, Coda Workshop

Marta Llorens, Erect Architecture

Ben Griffiths, Stanton Williams

Lea Zaccari

Christopher Pittway, FCBStudios

Massimo Conca, Greenway Architects

Elizabeth Holroyd

Summer Islam, Material Cultures

Ondrej Horvath

Wilf Meynell, Studio Bark / UEL

Peter Oborn, Peter Oborn Associates Ltd

Melissa Guest, Department of International Trade

Helen Taylor, Scott Brownrigg

Eleanor Brooke, Make Architects

Philip Haigh

David Walker

Jason Scott-Warren, University of Cambridge

Graham Collingridge, Collingridge And Smith Architects

Hwei Fan Liang

Melissa Benyon

Natasha Nuttall, Nuttall Garden Design

Andrew Carr, Brady Mallalieu Architects

Tzoulia Baltsavia, Hawkins\Brown

Jill Lewis, PhD Cantab

Jacqueline Stephen, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Hasan Cenktas, Studio 54 Architecture Ltd.

Sam Harvey, AHMM

Olivia Kurzawa, Fletcher Priest Architects

Murtaza Rizvi, BDP

Rhea Martin

Eleanor Jolliffe

Johanna MacGarry

Kitty Byrne, Hopkins Architects

Antonina Tkachenko, dRMM

Abigail Burdess

Antonia Blege, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

Matteo Arica, dRMM

Findlay McFarlane, dRMM

Paul Martin, Levitt Bernstein Architects

Colton Newbury, University of Bath

Amy Smith, Mae

Tamsin Pearce, dRMM

Jonas Lencer, dRMM

Ruta Nikolajute, Hawkins\Brown

James Goldberg, Penoyre & Prasad

Rosemary Stace

Simon Blunden, Miller Clear Architects LLP

Terry Waterworth, Mansfield District Council

Tyler Bollier, dRMM

Timmy Whitehouse, Levitt Bernstein

Sarah Wheatley

David Vanderson, Weedon Architects

Lucinda Nelson, EcoArc Architects

James Traynor, ECD Architects

Jenny West, Secretary of Tenants Association NW5 London

Clancy McLeod

Richard Cater, John Coward Architects

Zoe Webber, 2030architects

Alastair Clarke, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Andreas Mullertz, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Olivia Harrison, Grain Architecture Ltd

Rochelle Belfon, 5th Studio

Martin Hunter, BDP

Kate Hutchins

Kim Ashton

Mina Samangooei, Transition by Design Cooperative CIC

Mike North, Church of England Vicar

Tilo Guenther, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Aleksandra Kravchenko, Jestico+Whiles

Finbar Charleson, dRMM

Maria Ardemasova, Mark Pinney Associates

Jonathan Leung, The Manser Practice

Lisa Scott-Conte, Basemiles

Henrietta Hayward, Henrietta Hayward Architecture

Hafsa Bell, Buckley Gray Yeoman

Robert Cohen, Verco

Sarah Clayton, Environmental Group

Susan Weiss

Charlotte Keime, Jestico + Whiles

Rebecca Sawcer, Waugh Thistleton

Bianca Miranda Cardoso

Stephane Chadwick, Studio Bark

Nick Newman, U-Build Systems Ltd

Barry Jobson, Barry Jobson Architects

Elizabeth Donovan, Aarhus School of Architecture

Petra Xynidou, Mikhail Riches

Paul Tinsley, LR Designs

Emily Smith

James Rae, Geraghty Taylor Architects

Christel Lechaux, C.F. Moller

Justine Owen, Lightbox Architects

Hester Ward, Centre for Alternative Technology

Craig Pilkington, WSP

Conor Toland, BDP

Steven Msowoya, BDP

Sam Warn, BDP

Josephine FitzGibbon

Antonio Muscat, SIA Design Build

Amanda Sexton, Make Architects

Tom Bell, Roberts Limbrick Ltd

Adrian Bonet, Architectural Designer

Alastair Bayliss, Bixberry  Limited

John Sampson, SSoA / URBED

D Fuchs

Lydia Whitehouse

Will Harvey, UK Hempcrete

Peter Greaves, Make

Hilary Neilson 

Hannah Burrough

Judith Preston, NHS

Rod Hart, Bury Services

Wendy Halford

John-Bernard Murray, Glenn Howells Architects

Alastair Browning, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Nicola Scott

Mary Wyburn

Jamie Russell

Chris Hodgson, Haven Cottage

Jane McGregor

Robin Turner

Thomas Lefevre, Etude

Gillian Kelly, Ambleside Action for a Future

Harry Hewat

David Cutting

Paul Martyn, Ambleside Action for a Future

Peter Scott

Ben Griffiths, Stanton Williams

John Palmer, BDP

Gaynor Rhodes

Orlando Swayne

Finn Harries, Architectural Association

Alice Walker

James Watts, LTS Architects

Luigi Nefasto, ArchitecturePLB

Joe Brent, BDP

Marta Ferreira, LTS Architects

Jose Gomez, Allies and Morrison

James Barrell, ACAN & Central Saint Martins UAL

Benjamin Allen, Studio Ben Allen

Ian McConnell

Savanna Sullivan

Dex Rho

Evelyn Choy, HASSELL

Dinah Bornat, ZCD Architects

Debra Windle

Peter Rawlings, Peter Rawlings Architects Ltd

Birgit Johnson, STOCKWOOL

Michael Beckett

Niall McLaughlin, Niall Mclaughlin Architects

David Janosi, Mills Power

Sasha Mather

Caroline Hext, Stoneydown Park Primary School

Katherine Parrish, Whistlewood Common Ltd

Nilesh Pandya

Carol Meteyard, van Heyningen and Haward Architects

Senaka Weeraman, Mnemonic Space

Georgia Mills

Greg Knapp

Poppy Becke, Bartlett School of Architecture

Aylin Orbasli

Georgina Price

Gilly Chegwyn

Timothy Robinson, Rock Townsend Architects

Marco Farina, Rock Townsend Architects

Ian Lim, Bartlett School of Architecture

Alex Lynes, Webb Yates

Tessa Devreese, C40 Cities

Maria Smith

Chloe Blagbrough

Hamzah Al Asadulloh

Fiona Stewart, Hawkins\Brown

Ben Taylor, Hawkins\Brown

Ciaran Gallagher, Hawkins\Brown

Candela Oliva, Hawkins\Brown

Christopher Procter, Procter-Rihl

Nikolas Kourtis

Maxim Sas, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Iain Cochran, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Rebecca Fode, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Nathan Fairbrother, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Anna White, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Wei Lee

Charlotte Carless, Hawkins Brown Architects

Fernando Rihl, Procter-Rihl

Lulu Song, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Will Kreibich, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Alex Savvides, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Nii An, Hawkins\Brown

Ciaran Gallagher

Michael Riebel, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Ryoko Kawaguchi, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Roma Gadomska-Miles, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Ewan Graham, Hawkins\Brown & EwanGrahamDesign

Adelina Fasan, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Seth Rutt, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Antonio Falco, Topmosaics

Anna Bertmark

Shoko Kijima, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Ruth Breznay

Saskia Lencer, dRMM Architects

Fabio Maiolin, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Fergal McEntee, Funky Renewables

Rebecca Watts, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Tabitha Binding, Timber Trade Federation / TRADA

Judith Stichtenoth, dRMM Architects

Wyn Lloyd Jones

Yang Yang Chen

Holly Galbraith, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Robert Burrows, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Daniel Hallam, University of Sheffield Student

Emma Elston, Brick by Brick Development

Jackie Bond

Michelle Mortensen, University of the Arts London

Thomas Fairbrother, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Elinor McDonald, Royal Academy of Arts

Anna Karlsdottir

Jonathan Toon, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

P Briggs

Florence Browning, Webb Yates Engineers

Kawshik Choonee, UWE

Fiona Mackenzie

Edward Roworth

Cam Whiteley

Max Wisotsky, Birmingham City University

Nathan Back-Chamness, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Louisa Hall

Jobey Keene

Virginia Grainger

Allan Challenger, Fridays for Future, Manchester

Caroline Payne

Jacob Sturdy, WG+P Architects

Toby Coke, AJC / TCDP

NicolavRutt, Hawkins/Brown

Isabel Adams

Alison Vipond, Northumbria University

Nyima Murry, UCL

James Mackenzie, Lightbox Architects

Ed Cremin

Barrie Slipper

Kate Edmondson, Penoyre & Prasad

Rhiannon England

Clara Auer

Ingo Auer, Pixel von Krumm

Emily Foster

Alfie Gee

Claude Fourcroy, Independent

Heather Ackroyd, Ackroyd & Harvey

Simona Miraglia

Sophie Worsnop

Lee Fox

Liberty Pim

George Emmanuel Njike

James Clarke

Alex Miller Ridge

Sam Skogstad, dRMM

Z D, Tread Studio

Lucy Paton, Andina+Paton

James Taylor, Jta

Will Howard, dRMM

Phoebe Stevens, Hawkins\Brown

Darryl Ichen, Hawkins\Brown

Georgia Rees

Anne Schroell, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Madeleine Greene

Xuhong Zheng, Hawkins\Brown

Chris Horner, RGP Architects

Geraldine Hallifax, Hawkins\Brown

Maria Carolina Murias Folcini, Hawkins\Brown

Joe Taylor

Lucinda Bailey

Grace Chen, Niall McLaughlin Architects

Kim Johnstone

Marta Aviles-Morante, Fletcher Priest Architects

Stuart Bacon, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Craig O'Hare

Giedre Jonuskaite, Glenn Howells Architects

Jenny Cain

Hannah Barker

Beth O’leary

Danielle Kail

Rowan Griffiths

Adeline Waldron Pratt, Hawkins\Brown

Neil Stevenson

Megan White

Alanna Hill

Zoe Hinks

Jessica Tang, Hawkins\Brown Architects

Anna Mitcham

Ruth Grahame, University of Sussex

Alex Robertson, Studio Lime

Cath Lloyd

Alison Johnson, GCS Builders Ltd

Millicent Elwes

Erin Townsend

Kate Duchane

Raphael Yelbeck

Lloyd Preston-Allen, First Base

Renee O'Drobinak, Hawkins\Brown

David Newham

Justine Cooper

Kate Wolstenholme

Jane Murton

Tom Holbrook, 5th Studio

Lottie Kingslake

Jack Wormell

Sarah Cooper

Anil Sharma

Elinor Evans

Iona Foster, 5th Studio

Scott Boote, Webb Yates Engineers

Jane Clayton, A+G Architects

Jenny Weinstein

Andrew Douglas

Iain Dunnett

Alistair Battles, University of Dundee

Nick Adams, Nick Adams Architects

Craig Page, Marcus Beale Architects Ltd

Ian Poole, Mott MacDonald

Sigrid Muller, Marcus Beale Architects

Matt Plummer, Studio TeePee

Milly Salisbury

Ben Benatt

Claire Duc

Lily Lee

Dawa Pratten, Project Orange

Andrew Marston, Robotmother Ltd.

Hannah Wood

Otis Sloan Brittain

Maria Flynn

Melissa McClements

Shauna Parker

Amberlouise Everitt

Natalie Edelman

Ruben Ramos, Alison Brooks Architects

Jonathan Evans, Sustainable Design Collective

Allex Towler, Transition by Design

Alex Baldwin-Cole, BDP

Ceri Edmunds, Alison Brooks Architects

Rowan Melville, Alison Brooks Architects

Katie Albertucci

Sarah Faruki, Marcus Beale Architects

Adam Stewart

Daniel Lam, ZCD Architects

Ayesha Khan, Alison Brooks Architects

Matthew Morris

Fiona Houben

Rachel Foggitt

Stella Prott


Ben Gholam, Price & Myers

Auzar TehraniI, DRMM

Nicole Dang, MBPSs (DOP)

Harry Risk

Catherine Clarke, dRMM Architects

Abdul Munie, dRMM

Andy Hales, Grain Architecture

Daniel Spindel

Les Gunbie, Hanover Action for Sustainable Living

Hanae Wilke, dRMM

Michelle Furtado, FuturEcoLogic Ltd

Nicholas Porter, Lyndon Goode Architects

Gina Morelli

Sarah Barber

Thomas Keeling, UCL

Michelle Wang, Hoare Lea

Paola Sannicandro, Marcus Beale Architects

Alice Bond

Daniel Miodrag, 5th Studio

Jonathan Cardy, Glenn Howells Architects

Mohna Jolly, Jolly Architects

Hattie Embleton

Jim Rann, Property Revivals Ltd

Anthony Edwards, Anthony Edwards Architect

Anastasia Orphanidou, 5th Studio

Bronwyn Phillips, IBI Group

Lyn Sands

Jo Tulloch

Melissa Shinn

Anna Weatherston, Anna Weatherston

Julia Strickland

Joanne Bowlt, Oxford Greenhouse

Paddy Cox, Advocate

Stuart Longstaff

Charles Wright, Architecture Sans Frontieres UK

Lynette Gale

Donald Gale

Nicola Jordan

Ursula Wright

Ingrid A



ACAN is a network of individuals within architecture and related built environment professions taking action to address the twin crises of climate and ecological breakdown. 

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